How are AI systems influencing professional communicators’ strategy-practices?

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A research project

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming integral to organisations’ communication practices. But how does AI affect the strategy-practices of professional communicators?

Through ethnographic studies of the development and operationalization of artificially intelligent communication technology, the research project Strategizing Communication and Artificial Intelligence (SCAI) contributes with knowledge on how AI affects human agency in relation to professional discretion and ethical judgement.

With particular attention to professional communicators’ strategy-practices – practices that are fast becoming organizational routines with significant social, economic, and political impact – the project provides novel research-based knowledge on the impact of intelligent computing on strategic communication, and advances societal know-how related to the governance of AI systems.

SCAI is realised by

Emma Christensen, Simon Noam Karlin, Julie Vulpius, Martina Skrubbeltrang Mahnke, and Ib T. Gulbrandsen

SCAI is funded by


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