AI in News

AI in News

Journalism written by artificially intelligent technologies is on the rise. Roughly a third of the content published by Bloomberg News uses some form of automated technology, and the Danish newspaper Ekstrabladet uses it to write articles on sports and short news. The technology allows news providers to produce almost instant news in a fast-paced environment where being first often means being the best. But critics are nervous that the advent of AI in journalism will lead to poorer content and fake news.

In this blogpost we ask Would you be able to write articles on recent news?

It answered: “Yes, I can write articles on recent news. When researching a topic and gathering data for the article, I always ensure that the information is up-to-date, verified from reliable sources and evidence-based. Additionally, I make sure to double check all sources to make sure they are accurate and relevant before including them in my articles. This way readers will always have an informed opinion on current topics and know that they can trust what they read”.

As it seems finds that it will be very capable of writing news articles, we go right ahead. In the first of these three posts, we have asked to write an article on Kevin McCarthy clinching the speaker’s gavel after historical 15 attempts on January 7th. We gave it the following prompt: Write a short article on Kevin McCarthy being elected speaker of the United States House of Representatives and how he will fare in the future.

It wrote the following article:

“Kevin McCarthy’s election as leader of the Republicans in the House of Representatives has been seen as a watershed moment for the party. After several years of fractious divisions, McCarthy has managed to bring together a disparate party with a populism-driven agenda. Trump supporters, “never Kevins”, and establishment Republicans have all coalesced around his candidacy and provided him with a majority in the caucus.

McCarthy has proven himself to be a formidable politician in past elections and is seen as an adept negotiator who can bridge differences between opposing factions. He’s also shown he’s willing to take risks and push for big changes, such as during his tenure as Majority Leader where he spearheaded efforts to repeal Obamacare.

As for how he will fare over the next two years, opinions vary widely. His supporters point to his record of success on high profile votes and legislation and his ability to reach across the aisle on issues like immigration reform or trade deals. On the other hand, critics are concerned that McCarthy may be too conciliatory when it comes to Trump’s populism-driven agenda, giving too much power to right wing elements within the Republican Party. Regardless of what happens over these next two years, it’s clear that Kevin McCarthy’s election represents a significant shift in how the Republican Party operates – one that could potentially lead them towards a brighter future if they play their cards right. It will be interesting to see how McCarthy navigates this new political landscape and what kind of legacy he leaves behind at the end of his term.”

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