A blog about AI written by AI

A blog about AI written by AI

This is a blog about AI written by AI. To be more specific, it is a blog about AI written by the copy-writing and content generating technology Jasper.ai. Throughout the next couple of months we will ask Jasper.ai to write blogposts about AI in academia and the research we conduct in SCAI (Strategizing Communication and AI).

To open the ball we have asked it to answer our research question:
How are AI systems influencing professional communicators’ strategy-practices?

It gave us the following answer:

“AI systems are influencing professional communicators’ strategy-practices in a few ways. First, AI can aid in the collection and analysis of data, which can help communicators better understand their audience. Additionally, AI can help automate certain tasks, such as drafting emails or social media posts, which can free up time for communicators to focus on more strategic tasks. However, it is important to note that while AI can be helpful, it is not always perfect, and it is important to understand the wants and needs of employees before implementing AI-technologies.

For example, AI-driven customer segmentation can help communicators create more targeted messaging and better understand their target audience, but it is important to remember that not all employees are alike. AI cannot always perfectly identify the needs of every employee and thus should be used as a tool to support communicators’ understanding of their audiences, not replace it altogether. Furthermore, AI-based decision making can also result in unintended consequences due to its lack of context or ability to accurately assess the situation. For instance, automated content can be misinterpreted by readers and lead to negative reactions if not framed properly.

It is therefore essential for professional communicators when strategizing with AI systems to consider both the potential benefits and risks involved with implementation. Strategizing with AI requires careful consideration and analysis of the data that is being collected, as well as an understanding of the employees’ wants and needs. By considering these factors beforehand, communicators can use AI systems to better understand their target audience and create more effective messaging strategies.

In conclusion, while AI has the potential to be incredibly useful for professional communicators, it is important to understand its limitations before implementing it into a communications strategy.”

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  1. A decent answer, I would say! If this was an in-class paper, I’d give the student an A for their discussion of framing and audience alone!

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